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Chris Hill with an awesome Llano Tx Buck!

Turkey Branch Hunt Club in Murfeesboro NC had a heck of an opening day!


Spring 2019 Turkey Season!

There are some great pics coming in of some trophy Thunder Chickens!

B.R.O. co-host Josh 'Country-Boy' Branham hammered this great Gobbler in the flooded river swamp on April 3rd! It took him 5 years to finally make it happen but he finally got his Long-beard! (He weighed 20 lbs 7 ozs. Had 1 & 1/2' spurs & 9 1/2" beard)


Chris Strickland took this great Ga. Gobbler with 12" Beard! He was shooting his step dad's old NEF 10 gauge with a Kick's Gobbling Thunder choke!

Paul Goldsmith from Upstate SC has already filled a Turkey tag with this 21 pound Gobbler with an 11" Beard!


Here's Robert & his son Gunner Jackson with a great New Hampshire Buck! Young Gunner Jackson took this buck with his dad standing next to him! It doesn't get any better than that folks,,,


This Monster 10 point Buck was Taken by 10 year old Haydon Ard on Nov. 9th 2018 just up the road from Camden near Bishopville SC!

You can read the article in the Carolina Sportsman here:

Monster 16 point taken by Miss Angelina O'Neill on a dog drive in Virginia 2017! Outdoor Sports at it's best here...

This page is deticated to our Subscribers who are like our friends and family! On this page we are posting pictures of Trophy animals taken by good folks of all walks of life from all over the Country & World!

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Kyle Watkins with 2 great bucks!

Bill Ferguson with a great Ohio Buck taken with his .44 Mag Lever action rifle using his Reloads: 300 Grain Hornady XTP!

The Weesner family (Gerald and Robin) from Fort Jackson SC got some great Sandhill Bucks down late in the season!

Kevin Swearingen with a great East TX Buck

Jerry Meadows

Ty Rose with a Big 8 pt in Full Velvet! Buck taken in Wagner SC!

Colin Write with a great VA. Buck!

Chris Strickland took this awesome Tom in Ware Co. Georgia with an old NEF 10 Ga using a Kick's Gobblin' Thunder choke tube! Took him at 60 yards using 3" Winchester #5's.

Paul Goldsmith from Upstate SC with a great 2018 Spring Tom! You also see what happens when you grab a flopping Tom by the spurs!!

Paul got spurred on the recovery!!

Paul Wolpert's Toms from Spring 2018!

Paul has gotten Deer Season 2018 kicked off right with a 198 LB 11 point!

Mark Smith from Monck's Corner SC took this 190 LB 9 point!

The New Florida State Record Long-beard shown below!!

Chris Echele & Anthony Hattaway, Host of the 'Huntin' with Hattaway' YouTube Channel had a great hunt on March 25th 2018 down in Florida! Turns out, this bird is the new Fla State Record! The Old Tom had 6 beards and weighed over 20 pounds! Congrats Guys!!

Watch Chris take that trophy Tom in the video below!


Joey Goldsmith with a great Upstate 8 point!


Jeremy with a Monster 6 Pt!                     Luke Simpson with his 1st Deer!

Sheldon Grant hammered a big 9 point in Smoak SC on 9-02-2017!

Connie Herring 8 pt.               Greg Davenport 11 pt.

                                           Jay Proctor 9 pt.           Pierce Burbage with a Coresville SC 9 Pt.


Chris Strickland with a monster Waycross GA Buck!

                                                                                       Ben Botkins with a Bethune SC Buck!                   Big Rack Hunt Club Jefferson GA (Ray) with a good 8 pt!                    


Chris Floate with a Buck taken in Mississippi!                                  John Duncan with a huge Blk Bear taken with his Glock 20! SC

Logan Meadows with a great late season Buck!

Trey Wimer

Jeffery Clark

James Kipper 1st Buck taken with his 3 1/2" Buckshot Reloads!

Rabbit Pen Hunt Club on Nov 4th at the Mount!

Jason Green took this Alabama Buck with Buckshot reloads!

Emily Driggers took this great buck in Marlboro Co. SC!

Buck taken by Donald Necaise

My Buddy Brian Raley from my hometown with a monster MI Buck!



Lest any of we sportsman forget the liberties that we still enjoy in this country; I would like for you all to read the letter that I received from Mr Louis Fernando Liera (Age 69) from Chihuahua Mexico. He sent the letter below along with a few photos from the 1960's when Louis and his Uncle were free to hunt the Mule Deer in Chihuahua Mexico! We still enjoy hunting freely in the USA... Let's make sure that we keep these liberties alive! We can do this by standing together as Outdoorsman and Outdoors-women!  B.R.O. Host: Wade Rush

(The Letter from Mr Louis F. Liera)

Dear Wade:

"Thank you all for being so kind in sharing your videos, I hope God blesses you even more than he has up till now. I can only think of going hunting while you can actually do it. Here in Mexico our crazy ex-president Fox banned all hunting except in so called UMAS areas where you have to pay stiff fees for the privilege... besides it makes no sense to go out into the cartel controlled country in Mexico. Also, In order to get a permit to carry a firearm you must build a small mountain of red tape. But, Mexican arms legislation has been effective in keeping guns out of the hands of honest citizens! Unfortunately, criminals run our government… Please don´t let your government take away your right to keep and bear arms. I am enclosing photos of desert mule deer (Crooki) taken in Chihuahua State. I took these deer hunting with my uncle while I was a Teen. I used iron sights on a Savage 30-30 to take the big ten pointer! I took the others with a model 70 Winchester in 30-06 that now sports a scope… (I am 69 now) Thanks again for all the fun I have had watching your videos."


Louis Fernando Liera

Mule Deer Bucks taken in Chihuahua Mexico back in the 60's!


Angie Smothers

From Bishopville SC!

Monster Scape Ore Swamp 8 Point!

Angie had just taken her 1st deer (6 point) so she went back a couple days later and took this brute!!

Look at that smile folks! Pictured on the right with her son Dillon... This family lives right up the road from the B.R.O. Crew!!


David Stokes

From Lugoff SC!

You guys will recognize David from the SC Deer Dog Drive videos! David took this monster 10 point on the new property that replaced the Maysville lease that we lost!


Tommy & Blake Kiser from Lucknow SC!


Thomas Crowder from Ga!

Long Tined 11 point! Awesome BUCK!

Jeremy & Ashley Ball from Oconee SC!

Billy Hoover... Bucks taken near Summerton SC!

Max Hill from TX.


Ben Smith from Hampton SC


Mississippi 13 point taken by David Hults!


Zachery Verge from Northern Alberta Canada!

Jason Holcomb

Matthew Baker

T-Mac from Oklahoma!

Host of 'Wild 4 the Outdoors' TV Show!

Monster Okey 8 point! Pics & Video below!


Ryan Pensel from Orangeburg SC!

Host of the 'Big Pensel's Outdoors' TV Show!


The Boys & Girls from Orangeburg S.C. are getting it done!

Ethan with a great Buck!

A little opening day magic on 8-15-2015!!

Then on 8-22-2015... The dogs pushed these brutes out in front the shooters from the Low-Country!!




The Shirah Family from Alabama!




Anthony Hattaway Hunting So. Ga & Fla.

Host of the 'Hunting with Hattaway' TV show!

Anthony's daughter Fawn takes her 1st deer hunting with her mom Hannah!



10 Pound 2 ounces! Caught & Released!


CJ Johnson from Lynchburg Va.          Buck Taken by Trey Fauntleroy from King William Va.


Erica Catoe with a great buck taken in Lucknow SC!


Kenneth Walden with a Missouri monster!

John Gallagher from Arkansas

Big 10 point taken in the Ozarks!


Jerry Decker from Leitchfield Kentucky

Monster Mountain Buck!


Garrison O'Clair with a great Iowa Buck!

Kenny Gates from Tx. Stacking up the Axis Deer!

More in 2017!


Corey & Cade with a big Texas Buck!


The Pinner Family from Va.


Glenn Dunn 10 pt taken with his bow!


Trey Patterson with a SC 10 point!


 Tyrone Brown from Florence SC!                       Buck taken by Stephen Grant Jr. in Smoaks SC!



Gordan Callicutt

Chuck Hall with a Tenn. Buck

John from NC with a good 7 point!


The Keatings

Josh & Scott



The Kameron Mazyck Crew from Beaufort SC!

Kameron took this Buck on 9-26-2015!

The Old Hunt Club!                                                                                                                                 Mr. Mazyck Sr.

           Kameron Mazyck                                                                   Lawrence Smith                                                                                                         Rodney Gladden 'Wow what a day!'


Ken Allen Family!

Buck taken by Ken Allen, Pictured are: Dakota, Dayton & Skyler



Nathan Ward-Anderson from Hopkins SC

Kyle Powell                             Matt Carter



The Roger Grahman Family from GA.


Dan Smith with a Nice SC Buck!

Chuck & Scott Trammel


Eric Steele from Hampton GA.


Anthony Fogner from Santee Cooper Country!

All Bucks taken with his Bow!



Jim Brev


    Jason Bell with an Indiana Brute!                             Cliff McDonald with a Wisconsin Buck taken with his Cross-Bow!                 Tiny Snead 8 Pounds 24"


Tiny Snead 22 LB VA. Longbeard!             Jason Holbrook from Hampton SC!                   Wyatt Carmichael 'Monster 6 Pt!'


                                            Andy Boggs from Anderson South Carolina             Will Dasher from Salley SC      


Blain Moody with a Nice Iowa Buck!


Matt Evans from Florida

Buck taken with his Muzzle-loader!      And Matt's 10 ft Gator!



Scott LaMontagne from MI.


The Dickson Family from OK.

Daniel & Matthew

Matthew Dickson


Jaye Moore & Billy Dew of 'Up A Tree Outfitters' from Bennettsville SC!


Seth Oxendine



The Paul Goldsmith Family from Up-State SC!

Paul with some SC Brutes!



Paul Goldsmith with a couple of 2015 Spring Toms!

Paul Goldsmith & Tony Painter

Paul & Tony with some 2016 Spring Toms!

Paul with a great start to the 2016 Deer Season!

Joey is off and running here in season 2017!


Jeffery Dinino & the Doggers from Louisiana!


Terry Lucas from the Upstate of SC!

'His Trophy Room!'



                                                  Joe Toman with a Hoss!                                Ryan with an Ohio BRUTE!


Ryan put an arrow thru this Ohio bruiser on 11-05-2015

Ryan took this buck in Nov. 2017!


Chris Floate with a great buck!


Robin Weesner with Fort Jackson SC Buck!

Ron Keiper from Pickens SC!

Ronnie has been after this one for 3 years!


Justin Walters with a Savannah River 10 Point!


Steven & Amy Roper


Jamie & Brook Thompkins


The Stacy Woody Family & Hunt Club from NC!

Stacy & Kay Woody!


Jamie (396 IB Boar!)              Jay with son Alden!


Stacy's Game Cam Pics!



Bobby Robertson Jr. from Stoneville NC with a Monster 8 Point

taken with his Muzzle loader!


David Kelly & Lawrence Watts from Virginia!


Bruce Staley's 11 point taken with his Marlin 336 during the rut while chasing a hot Doe!


Brandon Cassidy from NC!

Big 7 point taken 11-27-2015


Labar Family from PA...

Uncle Tommy with a PA monster!


The Alan Barton Family from Gloverville

Christina & Brittney with some Clarksville Slab Crappie!


The Buehrlen Family from Missouri.

Mr. & Mrs. Marty Buehrlen

Cassidy's 1st Deer!

Sammie's 1st Deer!


James Doyle from Connecticut


Charles Luke from Mississippi


Darrell Batchelor from Upstate SC!


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