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Deer Dogging down South!

Come along with Bubba Rountree Outdoors as we turn the Deer Hounds loose for some beautiful Swamp Music!

We Ride along with the awesome men and women that are members of the

Rabbit Pen Hunt Club here in the Midlands of SC!

This Hunt was on the McCaskill Farm on the last day of the season! We were told to shoot all of the Does & Hogs that we could! It was a great day... It's been a great season! We'll be back after em' come Fall 2018! See ya then...


The Sumter Mount Property hadn't been Dogged for 5 years!

We got invited to come turn some hounds loose on 12-26-2015


We finally get back to the New Hope Church Track on 11-14-2015!

This is one of the best Dog Drive Videos that we've been able to put together!


The Day after Thanksgiving 11-27-2015!


Saturday 11-28-2015 was another Either Sex Day!



12-19-2015 The Phelps Track, Deer Everywhere!



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